Carton World EP is out!!

Carton World EP is out!!

My new EP CARTON WORLD is now available on every digital store!!

Listen to it on:

A huge huge thanks once again to all the people who have been part of this “world”!!
Elena Friedrich – vocals on IS IT?
Lydia Hendrikje Hornung – vocals on NORTH, EAST
Christos Yerolatsitis – synth solo on NORTH, EAST
Marios Menelaou – bass on IS IT?
Aron Nyiro – drums on IS IT?
Gianluca Liberatore – double bass on NORTH, EAST
Abhinav Ramachandran – mixing
Marco Antonio Spaventi – mastering
Hersh Desai – drums recording on IS IT?
Alessandro Montecchi – album art work

Music composed, arranged and produced by Luca Petracca

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